Do you actually know why you need a website? It’s not because your competitors all have web sites, neither is it because everybody else told you so. Don’t feel left out and follow blindly, have a reason.

You need a website because it is the anchor for your marketing. Advertising online, retailing, promoting your brands and all other activities online will require you to have a website. Therefore you need a website that is built with all these elements involved. It is not just a page to show people who you are and what you do, it is essentially the cornerstone for anything you do to promote your business online.

An interesting analogy given from CONSTANTCONTACT,

“Supposing you went back to the year of 1965, you went into the first small business you see and asked if they have a telephone. You then went into the next store asked the same question, until you are convinced that every small business has a telephone. You will then get back in time and realized that not having a small business web page today would be the equivalence of not having a telephone when they became routinely available.”

Without going into too much details, here are some important reasons why you should have a “working” website today.

  1. You need a website with SEO built in.

    Adweek suggests that 81 percent of consumers search online before making a purchase. That means you need to be anywhere they could be looking for a reason to buy. Obviously, Google is a start. You need a website built with SEO so that when people look for buying initiatives, you are there, and you give them not only a reason to buy but also why they should buy from you.

  2. You need a website with Social media integration.

    Social media isn’t just about having a Facebook Page or writing blogs to attract customers. It is also a tool for you to convert potential customers into actual buyers. You can setup instant chats, providing store hours and also advertise on Facebook with specific target audiences with particular characteristics. But all these fantastic functions require you to have a web page. So that you can actually capture people who shows interests and convert them successfully into buyers.

  3. You need a website with Mobile optimization.

    I simply couldn’t emphasize the importance of this anymore. A large portion of searches online are done through mobile devices. If your site is not mobile optimized, your customers will not bother to scroll down and look for more. It will be the ultimate waste of your advertisement to get people interested but end up leaving your website just because your site is not mobile optimized. Don’t fail at the final step, get your site mobile friendly.

  4. You need a website Because your customers expect it.

    According to American Marketing Association, six out of ten consumers will expect brands to provide online contents about their businesses, and more than half will head directly to the brand’s website for product information. Your potential customers will look elsewhere if you don’t have a website for them to visit.

  5. You need a website Because it provides benefits for local businesses.

    LocalVox suggests that “70 percent of U.S. households now use the internet when shopping locally”. In addition, search engines now will rank results according to locations. Simply put, If you are looking for “pharmacies near me”, Google most likely will put local stores at the top of the list.

  6. You need a site Because it provides resources for your staffs.

    Many businesses often ignore this, but you can actually use your web page for internal use and be much more efficient. Such as time clocking, project management, file sharing, email broadcasting, videos and training. Take use of what you already have, it’s exciting to see what it can offer.

  7. You need a site Because it builds your brand.

    It is the perfect opportunity to convince your uncertain buyers by using a website. Showcase your products and services, presenting positive reviews from other buyers and even introducing staff members with their certifications to show off your professions.

Heard enough?
Need help setting up a website with all these features for your business?

There is no doubt you need a website. More importantly, you need a site that is built with mobile optimization, SEO enabled, social integration and minimum digital marketing. This simply cannot be accomplished with all the website builders existing online, no matter how simple they claim their software to be. This is also the reason why you should let professionals to build your website correctly from the beginning.

At Frontier Solution, we are here to help you setup your business correctly so that your site will actually grow your business. So why not give us a call today at 769-300-1188 and speak to our website specialist.

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