HIPAA is important to general office practice, don’t get a Penalty of $1.5 million this year.

We recently found out that, more than 82% of independent pharmacies, who assumed they were compliant with HIPAA regulations were surprised to find out they were not. That’s why  we are offering a 15-20 minutes complimentary HIPAA evaluation to only eligible local pharmacies and clinics. To find out if your pharmacy is eligible for this evaluation, please call us at 769-300-1188

During the process, we will be giving a top-down overall evaluation includes but not limited to; the administration policy in place, server and computer security measures, document encryption and storage, disaster recovery level and general awareness of general compliance. We will also be giving general tips and basic training for the onsite employees.

Finally, we will also hand over a copy of our “Beginner’s Guide to HIPAA Compliance” manual at the end of our evaluation. Within the guide is a list of 15 tips we complied with years of our experience. You can quickly discover things you can do on your own to get more compliant at no cost.


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