To state the obvious, every company knows to take their business online. Because people nowadays get their information from the internet and most likely from their mobile devices. A successful business will need to know how to stand out of the crowd. Presenting themselves as the first choice for people who are searching. Being mobile friendly and having SEO are important factors. I’m here to share with you a few useful tips to help your business stay ahead of the game.

1: A working website needs SEO enabled

Everybody has a website, everybody shows up in Google search results, but why is my business not showing up at the first page?

Because you need Search Engine Optimizations (SEO).

  • First of all, SEO is the reason why your website is not showing up as the first option from a search. A well optimized website will rank your page higher in the result list. Higher rank means showing up first, meaning stay one step ahead of your competitors. Furthermore, SEO rankings are like invisible votes of confidence for consumers. Searchers may not realize but they are actually putting more trust on the first a few results than those from the second pages (if they ever go pass the first page). Simply put, would you feel more confident in calling a guy on the seventh page of the listing?
  • Visibility and Branding. Truth is, most searchers don’t just simply search once, click on some websites, and complete the search. Instead, they search, edit their search keywords and search again. A business therefore, needs to keep showing up in all related keyword searches to gain more mindshare with each potential customers. This will not only increase your exposure (which increase the chances someone look into to your business) but also, improve your reputation (which shows you are more professional than others in your field) and building trust with your potential clients.
  • Don’t you want your customers to hear more about what you have to say? Catching someone’s attention is only enough to introduce yourself. You need a place for interested people to stay interested enough to move forward. Well optimized website will not only show up in relevant searches but also provide relevant information base on the search. Rather than having a webpage with the same fixed headline, your audiences can actually see more related articles from your website base on their searches. This gives you the ability to provide accurate information to specific group of audiences.

SEO is crucial to a business’s success online, it is important for a business to have the fundamental understanding of its functions. Therefore Frontier Solution is eager to help businesses in SEO strategies. We offer free consultations with complimentary advices to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors.

2: Mobile friendly

As mentioned above, people are more likely to search for businesses on a mobile devices nowadays. This means, you are losing potential clients if your website is not mobile friendly.

  • First of all, you probably didn’t know about this, but your existing customers want you to be mobile friendly. This is important, because your customers may turn to your competitors if they can’t find you on time from a mobile search. Therefore, list your business on ‘Google Business’ today. So that when they search on the map app on a cell phone, your business is there. It will also help for potential customers to know your existence when they are searching for business.
  • In addition, if you have a website, please make sure it is mobile friendly. We all know how big our cellphone screens are and websites are not likely to fit in the tiny screen. Not to mention some important information might not even display properly. To avoid communication interruption, it is important for a website to display responsively. So that important information such as business hour, contact number and address are visible when needed.
  • Last but not least, it is obviously more likely for a user to keep on reading when your webpage is displayed beautifully inside the cell phone screen. A well mobile optimized website is far more efficient to reduce the bounce rate of the website.

In summary, it is important to understand that a website needs to be optimized. It is recommended for not only search enging but also mobile devices. This is why building a website is not only just about building a page. At Frontier Solution, our websites are produced with basic SEO built in for FREE. Your website will always rank higher than others. Furthermore, our websites are also built responsively and optimized for mobile devices at no extra cost. This provides competitive advantages out of the box to always stay ahead of your competitors.

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