I’m sure you have heard of WannaCry making its way to the headline in the last a few days. Causing 150 countries to panic and roughly robbed $28,463 from innocent people at this moment. There is no proper solution to this issue till this date once you get infected. Therefore, we can only try our best to prevent it from happening.

What is WannaCry?

In short, it is just another ransomware which encrypts your hard drive and files so that you won’t be having access to. They will then ask for ransom or threaten you to delete your files. But what makes it so special was the exploitative malware used by WannaCry allowed the program to spread through systems in a worm-like fashion—quickly navigating its way past security gaps. Though it wasn’t a targeted attack on any particular company, institutions using Microsoft operating systems no longer supported by Microsoft security updates found themselves most vulnerable.

What should I do to prevent it?

According to Experts-Exchange, here are some simple suggestions:

  • Use free anti-virus software to do a complete system Check-up. My favorite FREE anti-virus is 360, and you can download it here.
  • Use virustotal.com to check for any suspected files.
  • Make sure you back up your important files.
  • With the software you downloaded early (360) to do a complete scan of your system.
  • System Updates:
    • Make sure all your programs and your operating system is up to date (even old Windows OS’s now have updates, like windows XP – check the Microsoft website and do a windows update)
    • If you are unable to do updates on your own machine due to company policy, make sure that your IT department is doing the updates.
    • Call Frontier Solution if you don’t have an IT department or they are not doing a good job. 769-300-1188
  • Do not, click on an attachment in your email, even if it is from someone you know – call them up and check that they sent it – they’ll understand
  • Back up your files NOW! don’t wait until it’s too late.

More Technical Suggestions:

  • Create a blank text file called myapp.txt in the root drive (c:\) and rename it to myapp.exe
  • Run FoolishIT’s Cryptoprevent
  • Install an anti-ransomware tool such as BD Antiransomware, MBAM Antiransomware, Kaspersky
  • Antiransomware for business, etc.
  • Run SpyBHORemover and SpyDLLRemover from securityxploded.com
  • Run a full scan
  • Disable Autorun and Autoplay

Your best solution:

Have us take care of the protection. Frontier Solution offers the latest and most effective anti-virus service. We back up your files so that you don’t ever have to worry about being held hostage for your files. We provide 24/7 cloud virus protection making sure you don’t get attacked before the media even knows about it. Most importantly, none of our clients were affected by this ransomware attack till this very moment.

Call us today and get your business assets protected. 769-300-1188


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