Why waiting so long for your mobile app?

With web app, we can have your mobile app up and running in just the matter of days.

The average mobile app will cost you $6000 to develop! We charge less than half..

With web apps, you don’t have to wait 6-9 month to have it ready and the costs can be cut in half.

What is web mobile app?

Unlike native mobile apps which you would download from an app store, a web app runs directly from your browser. While there are numerous benefits for this approach, we think the most outstanding advantages are the ability to deploy quickly, be platform independent, and have low production cost.

Below are some key features of web mobile apps.

Platform Independent

Iphone, Android, etc. There would be only one production and all platforms will share the same app. There is no compatibility issue and there is no separate maintenance for a specific platform.

Low Cost, Low Maintenance

Nearly half the cost of ordinary app development. Since there is no development for different systems, changes are made once and all systems will be updated.

Rapid production

The nature of web mobile apps allow us to do rapid prototyping easily. We can have live results in just a matter of minutes before we decide to distribute to our customers.

No Difference Than Native Apps

There is no compromise in choosing web apps vs native apps. There are nearly no user experience differences for most applications.


Once your app is finished, you are not limited to accessing the app only on mobile devices. Your app is also accessible from desktops, laptops or anything that runs a web browser.

No Approval needed

While app stores usually have strict rules about the nature of the app being developed, web apps have no regulations and can be distributed without any supervision.

Easy Installation

Users will not be needing to visit app stores to install the app, and the process of installation usually takes only a few seconds.

Cloud System Integration

With our cloud development, you can connect your mobile apps with your cloud system. Accessing working data any time, anywhere and on any devices.