Server, Database, Network, Cloud App

We offer reliable and professional support for nearly all aspects of your server administrations

Let us help you keep your business running smoothly

Making sure your business runs reliably and efficiently is important. Let us help you achieve that goal and thrive.

Server administration

Includes system updates, configuration, maintenance, traffic monitoring, permission enforcement, firewalls and antivirus

Database Administration

Mysql, MSSQL, Interbase. Table maintenance, DB optimization, query optimization, DB design, DB migration, DB backups, DB replication, DB system integration, etc.

Network Administration

Network design and implementation, Firewall enforcement and patching, antivirus support, security scan and reporting, wiring, equipment setups, etc.

Consulting Services

We offer free consultation for server setup, network implementation, disaster recovery, backup plans

Cloud app integration & development

Cloud application developments for business and integration with local hosted applications.

System reporting and analytics

System configuration report, application analysis and report, integrity check and enforcement